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Grasshopper Class

Welcome back to Autumn 2021.  Grasshopper Class is a mixed Year 2 and 3 group and our teachers are Miss Ruxton and Mrs Shuter.  Our classroom is cosy and welcoming and we have access  to our own little outdoor garden which has lots of wildlife and a pond!  

We have begun the term with all our class back in school, which has been wonderful and full of excitement, smiles and readiness to learn. At Northchapel we pride ourselves with our easily adapted curriculum to support the individual needs of every child in our class. Smaller schools have the benefit of small class sizes, so we get to know every child in our class extremely well! 

We have some exciting new topics this year and we start our Autumn Term with Beachcombers and Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!  We will be developing our childrens' knowledge of coastal features.  The children will be able to observe, identify and classify many different seaside plants and animals.  They will have the opportunity to go to the beach and investigate life cycles and environmental issues.   

We will also investigate structures of bridges and buildings.  This topic will develop childrens' develop understanding of how to successfully design and build model bridges and buildings. 


Literacy:  Text:  The Day the Crayons Quit.  Children will be developing their persuasive writing skills based around the story in this text.

Geography: Identify and name the visited coastline’s physical features by studying maps, plans, diagrams, photographs and models. Make 3-D models to show its features, using sand, shingle, mud, rocks, gravel and other natural materials. Describe what they are making using basic geographical vocabulary.   Identify different beach zones.

Science:  Explore microhabitats found on the beach such as rockpools and sand dunes.  Finding out about coastal birds, identifying their calls and their special features.   Exploring the sand for holes and worm casts during visit to the beach.  Grouping and sorting natural and man made features found on the coast / seashore.   Comparing sea water and freshwater and carrying out experiments to do this.  Exploring environmental issues relating to the shoreline.

Art/DT: Make a new home for a hermit crab using coloured modelling dough. Create beachcomber art using shells, pebbles and driftwood to create amazing patterns and forms in sand trays and on different surfaces.

RE: Learning about Christian harvest festivals in the UK and celebrate harvest in September or October.