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Note Reading Competition - Mrs and Miss James

We know a lot of the children - and maybe some parents too - were very excited about the note naming competition. Obviously with the lack of a concert, the results have not been announced, or even finalised yet! We are so proud of the way all children worked so hard this year; there was such a high rate of accuracy in the first two rounds that we will need to do a third round when we are back in school to find the winner of the KS2 competition.

Here are the main prizes for the note reading competition. There are two plaques for the winners of each clef in KS2, and a gold medal for the winner of the KS1 competition.

The clear winner in the KS1 competition is Nancy! Huge congratulations to you for your hard work. And we are even more impressed with you because you chose to enter the KS2 competition as well, and did fantastically at that level too.

In the KS2 competition, we had six entrants who achieved full marks, and a further 5 who had only one or two slips. We decided to present medals to celebrate the success of all of these musicians. In addition, finalists will be put forward to a tie breaker when we see you next!

Many congratulations to:

FINALISTS - in alphabetical order

Bella - both clefs

Frannie - both clefs

Hadley - both clefs

Jessica - treble clef

Nancy - both clefs

Scarlet - treble clef








When your medals arrive in the post, we would love to see photos of you with them.

Well done to all our musicians. We miss seeing you all and look forward to the day when we come back to school.

Mrs and Miss James