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Here is our latest Ofsted Report: 

"Pupils and parents hold this school in high regard. One parent described Northchapel as ‘a
small school with a big heart’. This sums up its ethos. Pupils get on with each other very
well. They like their small school and feel safe. During playtimes pupils enjoy playing with
their friends and having a chat. Pupils are polite and respectful. They behave well in lessons
so that they and others can learn. Bullying is very rare. Pupils say that teachers deal with
incidents quickly and they do not recur.
Leaders and teachers aspire for pupils to be curious in the different subjects they learn.
Pupils particularly enjoy subjects that are practical, such as physical education, art and
science. Outdoor learning, clubs and visits further afield help to make learning interesting.
Pupils are getting better at mathematics. Their work is not as strong in some subjects, such
as English, as it is in others. This is because some subjects are not as well planned as they
should be.
Pupils help their school community. They enjoy being librarians, supporting the younger
pupils and participating in the school council. Pupils think carefully about their environment
and sustainability issues."