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Northchapel Way

The Northchapel Way is a document we created with children, staff and Governors to help you to know what we hope for every child joining our school. We know that education is not just about academic success, but in building skills and attitudes for life. You can see the document below.

The Northchapel Way


We want every child in our Northchapel family to:


  • Be confident and believe in themselves.  They will know their own strengths and areas for development.  They will accept that mistakes can happen and can be a good thing.  They are prepared to take risks in their learning and be the best they can be.


  • Be aware of their own physical health and mental well-being with the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating, regular drinking of water, and the appropriate amount of rest/sleep to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.


  • Be responsible, able to learn independently and as part of a team. They will have the ability to both win and lose graciously. They will be encouraged to become actively involved in our thriving school community.


  • Have the opportunity to develop their potential as fully as possible, through experiencing a broad, rich and balanced curriculum learning journey.  They will be encouraged to be enthusiastic about their learning and learn through first-hand experience whenever possible.


  • Have acquired good basic skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.


  • Have developed an awareness and appreciation of their own culture and heritage and that of the wider world. Be respectful of other races, religions and disabilities and become responsible citizens in our local and global communities.  Recognise that everyone is unique and special!


  • Make the most of the school grounds and the stunning local environment.  They will develop an understanding of and respect for the natural world and their place in it through forest schools and they will develop a sense of responsibility for a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Learn excellent behaviour skills; to be polite, kind and considerate at all times.  They will be encouraged to enjoy their learning time.


  • Have developed good thinking skills.  They will know how to learn, what sort of learner they are and how they learn best with resilience and a growth mindset.


  • Learn how to keep themselves safe including road safety, e-safety and personal safety. We aim to develop good emotional understanding so children know how to deal with anxiety and stress.


  • Have memorable experiences that last a lifetime!